With 30+ years in private healthcare, we pioneer innovation through strategic partnerships in life sciences and health tech.

Meet our highly skilled team

Cranfeld Clinic’s professional team focuses on most earliest detection,  accurate diagnosis setting and global care offerings.

Healthcare leaders recognize the need for transformation in many aspects of care. That’s why we help connect information over time and across sites and in artificial intelligence to turn that information into actionable solutions for patients to support precise diagnostic decisions and choose the best fitting treatment.

Tarmo Laanetu

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Healthcare visionary, serial enterpreneur
and investor. With more than 30 years
of experience in pharmaceutical and
healthcare sector, Tarmo’s primary
mission reamins to facilitate and deliver
the best future healthcare solutions for
patients globally.

Henn Ruubel

Chief Finance Officer

Master of Science of Economy and Mathematics. Led several transportation and security companies as a CEO. Was a partner for Cyprus and Spain private companies, involved in managing various international projects (real estate, biotechnology, oil exploration). Corporate services, accounting, investment advisory.

Oksana Jalakas

Chief Administrative Officer

A high-level executive, experienced in management and municipality supervision,  responsible for overseeing administrative functions within an organization.  A key role in strategic planning and ensuring the organization’s financial sustainability.

Working at Cranfeld Clinic


Imagine a job could change your life.

We lean on the variety of our colleagues’ perspectives and backgrounds to continuously challenge ourselves and to create a workplace that supports diversity, equity and inclusion. Become part of the legacy that embraces our differences and enables us to provide the best care to patients from all over the world.

⦁ As a health professional, you will be part of an amazing team committed to solving the most serious and complex medical challenges–one patient at a time.
⦁ We offer a wide range of opportunities that can be done completely remote.
⦁ You’ll find a world of non-medical focused careers with the power to change lives.
Whether you’re a new graduate or an experienced professional, have advanced degrees or a high school diploma, Cranfeld Clinic has opportunities for you.

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Benefits for you

As your career evolves, our compensation and benefits packages are designed to change with you—meeting needs now, and anticipating what comes next. We know that when Cranfeld Clinic takes care of you, you can take better care of our patients.

We value your thoughts very much

At Cranfeld Clinic, every person’s or visitor’s experience matters. Your feedback and concerns are invaluable to us. Whether it’s a compliment or a complaint, we take it seriously. We’re committed to continuously improving our services and ensuring your satisfaction. Please share your thoughts with us; your input helps us become better for you.

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