Fostering Wellness via the Synergy of Virtual Care Advancements and the remote wireless smart solutions

Healing at home is a new reality

Virtual Care Technology

As a pioneer, Cranfeld Clinic is combining various virtual methods into a single valuable remote model, where health concerns are displayed in real time and with AI decision support with a 5/6G connection and are evaluated by the best competence globally.

  • Long distance split&smart diagnostic instruments
  • RemoteĀ  telemedicine tools
  • Smart healing support solutions

Healing@Home Concept

Healing@Home is a revolutionary concept focused on delivering healthcare services and medical care to individuals in the comfort of their homes. The integration of speech-to-text and real-time data analytics, incorporating AI, VR, ChatGPT, and other assisting tools, ensures the provision of quality care within the Clinic@Home unit.

Personalized multi-sensor home environment

Sensors and sensor arrays can monitor multiple analytes in complex biological samples, enhancing patient health assessment and treatment tracking. The role of electrochemical multi-sensor systems is growing. Personalised sensor environment is our next opportunity.