Cranfeld Medical City area detailed planning


In June 2023, Cranfeld Medical City OÜ started detailed planning of the property area next to the Cranfeld Clinic hospital building together with the construction company Rand ja Tuulberg. With the plan, the right to build a 10-story additional building is requested. Floors 1-4 of the planned building are planned as the expansion area of the hospital building, which will be connected to the gallery connection from the 3rd floor of the hospital. A multi-functional diagnostic clinic has been designed on the gallery floor of the hospital. At the other end of the diagnostic center area, there is a similar gallery connection to today’s Confido medical center. All 3 connected buildings together with the adjacent Synlab building will form the Medical Campus in the future, which will be the center of attraction and offer the most outstanding services in private medicine.


This smartest, luxurious hospital experience can be discovered in the soon opening new greenfield hospital building. State-of-the art medical technology in the hands of professional doctors and engineers will drive your patient journey up to the 2040 visionary heights. Comfortable relaxing SPA experience and desired treatments will prepare the next morning minimal invasive surgery or treatment procedure.


Cranfeld Model of Care – Feel safe with Added Value.


  • 1000 km range access

A new Greenfield hospital with a parking facility is located roughly 5-7 min from harbor, speed-train station, lux-coach station and airport.
The specially designed landing areas are ready to receive visitors with helicopters or other future flying vehicles. VIP service is available.


  • Digital Twin concept

Cranfeld Digital twins are virtual representations, like. building, devices and patients. They are designed to improve clinical decisions based on a patient’s health, run smooth robotic and supportive processes towards optimization and efficiency.


  • Smartly integrated ecosystems

All logistic routes, elevators and storing spaces are facilitated to operate under the automated, AI led robotic solutions. Smart facility concept is extracted from most cutting edge medical and technological partners. Energy balance is maximized to stay stand alone (thermal pumps, solar and energy re-cycling) and Class A (Leed Platinum Certificate) will assure the highest economy and efficiency.


This is our vision Towards confident future for Private & Premium Healthcare Excellence.